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California Legislature Sends Gun Control Bills to Governor
California Legislative Update 

The California Assembly and Senate acted on numerous antigun bills this past week as the session nears its conclusion. While some egregious bills were stalled, several antigun bills cleared the Senate and Assembly and will land on the Governor’s desk. If signed, these bills will create additional onerous restrictions on firearm manufacturers, retailers and law-abiding gun owners, while doing nothing to increase public safety. 
Bills Sent to Governor (cleared both Senate and Assembly and eligible for the Governor’s signature):
AB 2362 – This bill would allow the state’s Department of Justice (DOJ) to levy excessive fines against firearm retailers for minor violations, including not appropriately placing a warning poster or using outdated warning tags.
AB 2847 – This bill would eliminate the dual placement microstamping requirement in lieu of a single placement requirement. Despite requiring unworkable technology, the bill would also require the DOJ to remove three firearms from the handgun roster for every new addition.
SB 914 – This bill would define a valid unexpired hunting license and establish rules for those under the age of 21 with a hunting license. The bill would make it cumbersome for individuals under the age of 21 to purchase a long gun and would add a fee for the “validation process,” adding unnecessary burdens and costs.
NSSF® urges all members to join us in opposing these bills. Click here to contact Governor Newsom today and urge him to veto these bills! NSSF will continue monitoring this important legislation and keep our members updated.

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