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Florida FWC Accepting Comments on “Restricted Hunting Areas” Proposal
The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) is currently accepting comments on a proposed rule that would allow local governments, when certain conditions are met, to apply to create “Restricted Hunting Areas.” Such restricted hunting areas would prohibit hunting with a firearm within 300 feet of a dwelling, unless the dwelling is owned by the person hunting or the hunter has written permission from the owner. The term “dwelling” means a shelter built on land in which people live; a house, apartment or other land-based place of residence. Additionally, the proposal states that restricted hunting areas shall not include wildlife management areas or any federally owned or managed lands.

Unfortunately, such a rule could be detrimental to hunting in Florida. Local governments in Florida will likely be petitioned by anti-hunting and anti-gun groups to close popular hunting areas, public and private land, including popular bodies of water. As long as hunters are hunting in a safe manner, an arbitrary distance should not be placed on how far a hunter must be from a dwelling. The distance might be 300 feet next year, but the following year it could be increased to 3000 feet. Such a rule sets a very dangerous precedent.

The FWC will be hosting a series of webinars related to this proposal beginning today, Oct. 27. Click here to see a full list of webinar dates.


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