Contact Your State Representative and Urge a ‘Yes’ Vote on House Bill 398

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North Carolina Alert: ‘Pistol Purchase Permit’ Repeal Scheduled for House Consideration
Contact Your State Representative and Urge a ‘Yes’ Vote on House Bill 398

House Bill 398, a bill to repeal North Carolina’s "Pistol Purchase Permit", is scheduled for consideration by the North Carolina House of Representatives for tomorrow, May 5. North Carolina law currently requires law-abiding residents to obtain a “Pistol Purchase Permit” from your local sheriff prior to lawfully purchasing a handgun from your local firearm retailer. Repealing HB 398 will allow for a streamlined process for law-abiding North Carolinians to be able to legally acquire a handgun.

The outdated and antiquated permitting system is no longer necessary due to the advances in the background check systems. The North Carolina Sheriffs’ Association supports repealing the "Pistol Purchase Permit" requirement.

Please contact your state representative and respectfully urge him or her to vote “YES” on House Bill 398 and repeal North Carolina’s antiquated "Pistol Purchase Permit" law. Find out who represents you in the North Carolina House by clicking here (be sure to select “NC House” below the address line).

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