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Critical West Virginia Alert: Urge Sen. Manchin To Oppose ATF Nominee Chipman
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The U.S. Senate will soon hold a vote on President Joe Biden’s nominee to lead the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF), David Chipman. It is absolutely imperative that all freedom-loving Americans and especially members of the firearm and ammunition industry, including manufacturers, distributors, retailers and shooting range operators, contact their U.S. Senators and urge them to vote “No” on Chipman’s nomination. This is a critical industry action request.

Industry members, and ALL supporters of the Second Amendment in West Virginia, should immediately contact Sen. Joe Manchin and request that he reject David Chipman to lead the ATF.

Sen. Manchin’s Washington, D.C., office phone number is (202) 224-3954.

If you are unable to make a phone call, please email your opposition to Chipman’s confirmation to Sen. Manchin’s office by clicking here, then clicking on the “Take Action” button.

Vote “No” on Chipman’s nomination

Click here, or the image above to see why it is critical that Sen. Manchin oppose David Chipman

David Chipman is a paid gun control lobbyist. As more Americans than ever before are exercising their right to own a firearm, David Chipman has belittled the Second Amendment by mocking the more than 8.5 million new, first-time gun owners and has repeatedly advocated for the ban and confiscation of America’s most popular, legally-owned firearms. A vote by Sen. Manchin to confirm Chipman as ATF Director is a vote to put a fox in charge of a henhouse, and it’s exactly what all the privately funded gun control groups want.

At the same time, not a single major law enforcement organization has come out in support of his nomination, while the National Sheriffs’ Association has expressly denounced him. Attorneys General from 21 U.S. states have signed a letter opposing this nominee and calling Chipman uniquely unfit to be ATF Director.

If confirmed, David Chipman will erode public trust in law enforcement, just like he will erode your Second Amendment rights. Do not risk your rights and contact Sen. Manchin TODAY to tell him to vote NO on David Chipman!

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