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Firearms Financial Industry Non-Discrimination in South Dakota
HELP NSSF End Financial Discrimination of our Industry

We need your help! The South Dakota Legislature is considering the Firearms and Financial Industry Non-Discrimination Act in 2022. We passed this legislation in Texas and elsewhere in 2021. Arizona, Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, Missouri, Oklahoma, Georgia and Utah are considering the same legislation this year. The Firearm Industry Nondiscrimination (FIND) Act, helps members of the firearm industry get fair access to financial services. As an NSSF® member, reach out to your legislature and ask them to support the FIND Act. Share this alert with your employees, your colleagues in the industry, and your social network, and ask them to do the same.

NSSF needs your assistance to make sure the FIND Act becomes law!

Please respectfully contact your elected representatives and Governor Kristi Noem.

As a reminder, for years, NSSF members engaged in the lawful commerce of firearm and ammunition have experienced discrimination by financial institutions simply because of the type of business they are in. In these cases, the refusal to provide goods and services results in higher costs of doing business and increased prices for consumers who are simply exercising their Second Amendment Rights. Our members have faced discrimination from banks, internet search engines, payment processors, social media companies, insurance companies and others.

While the firearm industry respects the right of financial institutions and other service providers to make business decisions based on objective criteria, it is unacceptable to discriminate against businesses simply because they are engaged in the lawful commerce of firearms and ammunition, a heavily regulated activity protected by the Second Amendment.

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