Bill is permanently tabled by House Consumer & Public Affairs Committee

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Update on New Mexico Magazine Ban Legislation

Bill is permanently tabled by House Consumer & Public Affairs Committee

Earlier this week, we reported on House Bill 156, sponsored by Representative Patricia Roybal Caballero (D – District 13). The bill would make it a felony offense to manufacture, sell, import, possess, use, purchase, loan, borrow, or transfer any firearm magazine capable of holding more than 15 rounds of ammunition. It contains no grandfather clause that would allow for the continued possession of magazines owned by New Mexicans prior to the effective date of the legislation.

NSSF® adamantly opposes limitations on firearm magazine capacity. Such bans will harm the firearm industry within New Mexico and diminish the freedoms and self-defense capabilities of law-abiding New Mexicans while doing nothing to reduce violent crime.

The House Consumer & Public Affairs Committee held a hearing on HB 156 and the committee members voted unanimously to permanently table consideration of the proposed ban. Witnesses in opposition dramatically outnumbered those who registered in support of the bill and the members took notice.

NSSF will continue to monitor the situation on the ground in Santa Fe and will keep you updated on any other matters affecting industry members.

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