NSSF Needs Your Help in Opposing SB 5078

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Magazine Ban Passes Washington State Senate

NSSF Needs Your Help in Opposing SB 5078

NSSF has been working on your behalf this session to kill a multitude of anti-industry bills at the legislature and inform you about all legislation impacting your business and the industry in general. Last week we informed you about SB 5078, which if passed would make it a criminal offense to manufacture, distribute, import, sell, purchase or transfer a magazine with a capacity greater than 10 rounds.

After a marathon floor session last night that lasted well into the night, the Washington State Senate passed SB 5078. The bill now heads to the House and if passed will head to the governor for a signature. If this occurs, Washington residents will be unable to purchase, sell or transfer standard capacity magazines over 10 rounds starting on July 2nd, 2022.

NSSF needs your help! Please contact your legislators and tell them to vote no on SB 5078! You can find your legislators here.

NSSF’s Government Relations team is committed to defeating all egregious bills this session and will provide updates on the situation as the session unfolds. 

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