We Need You to Make Every Effort to Contact Members of Both Committees

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Submit Testimony for Rhode Island House Judiciary Committees Tomorrow

We Need You to Make Every Effort to Contact Committee Members

Tomorrow, the House Judiciary Committee will hold a hearing on numerous firearm bills. NSSF® urges all hunters, target shooters and gun owners to contact their state representatives to make their feelings known and make every effort to attend the hearings. Some of the bills that will have a tremendous impact on the industry include H.6616 background checks for ammunition, H.7300 mandatory storage, and H.7457 age limit of 21 to purchase a long-guns and ammunition.

Rhode Island already has some of the strictest gun laws in the country, but that is not stopping members from trying to further infringe on your rights.

Below please find the procedure for tomorrow’s hearing and also the process to submit written testimony. Please make every effort to submit comments they do not have to lengthy just polite, courteous and express your opposition to these ridiculous measures.

        DATE: Wednesday, March 30, 2022
        TIME: 1 p.m.
        PLACE: House Lounge - State House


The meeting will be televised by Capitol Television on Cox Communications (channels 15, 61, and 1061 for high definition), Full Channel (on 15) and Verizon (on channel 34). Livestreaming is available here.

Send written testimony to: HouseJudiciary@rilegislature.gov.

Testimony must include: Your Name, Bill Number and Viewpoint (for/against/neither).

Any testimony received without a bill number may not be disseminated to members or posted to the website. Written testimony is posted to the General Assembly website as soon as possible. The posting of documents may be delayed due to high volume and will be delayed if submitted or hand-delivered at hearings.

Individuals may testify in person, not by telephone. Sign-up sheets are available in/outside the hearing room. Signs/posters/pictures are not allowed to be displayed inside hearing room.

Please make every effort to contact members of House Judiciary Committee to express your opposition to the continued attacks on your rights.

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