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Arizona FIND ACT Passes Senate Appropriations Committee

Please Help NSSF End Financial Discrimination Against Our Industry!

In a shocking turn of events, House Bill 2473, the NSSF®-championed bill also known as the Firearm Industry Nondiscrimination (FIND) Act, passed the Senate Appropriations Committee this week after being held in the Senate Finance Committee previously. The committee meeting, which can only be described as explosive and shocking, pitted NSSF’s Director of Government Relations Michael Findlay, aided by Ruger’s Vice President of Operations Tim Lowney and the DC Project’s Cheryl Todd, against the full might of banking lobby.

During the hours of intense exchange, the President of the Arizona Banking Association admitted to widespread political discrimination against the firearm industry by financial institutions. More shockingly, he doubled down by asserting on the record that financial institutions should be able to discriminate against entire industries solely for political reasons.

If passed, the FIND Act would help ensure firearm industry members have fair access to financial services in the Grand Canyon State.

This legislation is critical to ensuring ‘woke’ corporations don’t use their financial might, funded by taxpayers, to deny essential services to the firearm industry,” said NSSF’s Larry Keane. “Corporations, in particular financial institutions, have been dictating public policies from boardrooms that throttle firearm businesses, which are Constitutionally-protected. This bill will no longer allow those corporations to benefit from taxpayer dollars while at the same time using those funds to deny Americans their Second Amendment rights.”

The bill now moves to the Senate Floor where a slim Republican majority will consider its fate. The bill has received and will continue to receive immense opposition from banks and their high-powered lobbyists having spared no expense to stop our efforts. Given the slim margins in the Senate, the bill must receive unanimous support from every Republican Senator to move forward and has setup a major battle on the floor in the coming weeks.

NSSF needs your assistance to make sure the FIND Act becomes law!

Please contact your state Senator and ask them to support House Bill 2473. You can look up the contact information for your state senator by clicking here.

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