Please call Senate President Pro Tem Dave Schatz TODAY!

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FIND Act Ready for Senate Floor Vote
Please call Senate President Pro Tem Dave Schatz TODAY!

The NSSF®- supported Firearm Industry Nondiscrimination (FIND) Act, SB 1048, passed the Senate Insurance and Banking Committee by a party line vote of 5-2. This legislation, sponsored by State Senator Rick Brattin (R-District 31), is intended to discourage corporate discrimination against the firearm industry by prohibiting taxpayer monies from going to companies intent on maliciously starving our industry of essential services like banking, insurance, software, and payment processing.

The most powerful business interest groups representing woke Wall Street companies are doing all they can to kill the bill. For this reason, it is critical that Senate President Pro Tem Dave Schatz hear from you today. Senator Schatz single handedly killed last year’s FIND Act by denying it a vote on the Senate floor. The woke companies like Bank of America, JP Morgan Chase, and PayPal know this is the only way for FIND Act to fail. If it receives a floor vote, it will pass by overwhelming margins.

Senator Schatz must decide whether he will once again side with the worst of woke Wall Street, or whether he will finally stand with the one industry in America necessary for Missourians to exercise a constitutionally enshrined right. Do not allow political game playing to prevail in Missouri. If the largest corporations in America are allowed to succeed with their sinister plan to destroy the firearm industry, the Second Amendment right guaranteed to the people will be nothing but an illusion.

SB 1048 would require companies to submit written verification that they do not have policies or practices that discriminate against the firearm industry before they are able to enter into large goods or services contracts with state or local government entities. This legislation is modeled after the FIND Act passed by the Texas legislature and signed into law by Gov. Greg Abbott in 2021.

Senate President Pro Tem Dave Schatz


Call Today and Demand that Senator Schatz Allow a Fair Floor Vote on SB 1048!

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