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Urgent California Action Needed: Anti-Industry Bills Eligible for Votes on Senate, Assembly Floor
Voice Your Opposition to These Bills Immediately

Committees in the California Assembly and Senate advanced numerous antigun bills this past week making them eligible for votes on the floor of the Assembly and Senate. If passed, they would create additional onerous restrictions on firearm manufacturers, retailers and law-abiding gun owners, while doing nothing to increase public safety. It is imperative that you contact members of the committees today, and respectfully urge them to oppose these misguided bills. These bills could potentially receive votes this week.

As a reminder, your NSSF® government relations team will continue to update you about these bills in our weekly Government Relations Update and has testified against these egregious pieces of legislation. We will continue to fight tooth-and-nail to stop these bad ideas from becoming law, but we need your help if we have any chance of stopping them in their tracks

The Senate Appropriations Committee advanced the following bills this past week:

  • SB 915 Firearms: state property – Bans state officers or employees, operators, lessees or licensees from entering into any agreement to allow for the sale of any firearm, firearm precursor parts or ammunition on property that is owned, leased, occupied or operated by the state continuing California’s assault on gun shows.
  • SB 1327 Firearms: private rights of action – Following the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision last December allowing Texas’s ban on most abortion services to remain in place, Governor Newsom directed his Administration to work with the Legislature to propose a gun control measure modeled on the structure of Texas’s abortion law. SB 1327 creates a first-in-the-nation private right of action for citizens to use against those who manufacture, distribute, transport, import into California or sell “assault weapons”, .50 BMG rifles, ghost guns or ghost gun kits. This bill, introduced by Senator Anthony Portantino (D-La Cañada Flintridge) and Assembly members Phil Ting (D-San Francisco), Mike Gipson (D-Carson) and Chris Ward (D-San Diego), is a political ploy to gain national notoriety as a way for progressives to retaliate against a bill in Texas at the expense of Californian’s Second Amendment rights.
    “If Texas can use a law to ban a woman’s right to choose and to put her health at risk, we will use that same law to save lives and improve the health and safety of the people of the State of California,” Said Governor Newsom about SB 1327.

  • SB 1384: Firearms: dealer requirements – Designed to close FFLs in the State of California by requiring onerous requirements such as digital video surveillance, liability insurance coverage over $1,000,000, annual training for employees and more. If this bill becomes law, many FFLs will go out of business due to astronomical costs and headaches that would arise.

The Assembly Appropriations Committee advanced the following bills this past week:  

  • AB 1594: Firearms: civil suits – This bill allows private citizens to sue manufacturers, distributors and sellers of firearms for instances in which their products were misused. Again, like SB 1327, this bill has been proposed under the direction and vision of California Governor Gavin Newsom who vowed to push this bill through the legislature in response to the Supreme Court decision “endorsing Texas’s scheme to insulate” its abortion ban through a law authorizing private citizen suits against essentially anyone who helps a woman seek access to abortion

  • AB 1621: Firearms: unserialized firearms – This bill “defines” precursor parts and requires the serialization of these accessories and parts. If this bill becomes law, there will be serious questions as to what firearms accessories will need to be serialized, potentially requiring background checks on basic firearms parts.

  • AB 2552: Firearms: gun shows and events – Yet another bill designed to restrict gun shows in the state by requiring vendors to certify that they will not display certain “precursor parts”, conversion kits, unfinished frames or receivers or “assault rifles”. Again, the definition of precursor part is vague and this is yet another law intended to dissuade law abiding vendors and citizens from exercising their Second Amendment rights.

  • AB 2571: Firearms: advertising to minors – This bill is aimed at “gun” advertising that supposedly targets children. Specifically, this bill prohibits a “firearm industry member” from advertising, marketing, or arranging for placement of an advertising or marketing communication concerning any firearm-related product in a manner that is designed, intended, or reasonably appears to be attractive to minors.

NSSF testified that this bill was unconstitutional on the following grounds:

  • It would cover fully protected political speech, not just commercial advertising. A gun magazine publisher, for instance—or a gun advocacy group that publishes a magazine—would likely be covered as a "firearm industry member," because it was formed to advocate for use or ownership of guns, might endorse specific products in product reviews, and might carry advertising for guns. That publisher or advocacy group would be forbidden from using cartoon characters even in its fully protected political advertising urging gun ownership.
  • Even as to commercial advertising, the law is unconstitutionally vague: It covers any ads that are "attractive to minors," even if they are equally attractive to legal adult buyers. And the specific examples don't resolve the vagueness problem: They are only listed as examples, prefixed with the phrase "including, but not limited to."
  • And the law also covers constitutionally protected commercial advertising, such as the use of caricatures of minors or cartoon characters in ads that are clearly targeted at adults who lawfully buy guns that their children could use for legal hunting or target shooting. Indeed, California law expressly allows parents to have their children use guns this way under parental supervision. Parents may well wish to buy guns for their children to use for these purposes.

Please join NSSF in opposing these bills. Contact your members in the Assembly and Senate today to respectfully urge them to vote "NO" on the following:

  • SB 1327
  • SB 1384
  • AB 1594
  • AB 1621
  • AB 2552
  • AB 2571
Click here to find your members in the Assembly and Senate.

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