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Urgent: New York Legislators Seek to Destroy Second Amendment
Contact Your Assembly Member and Senator Immediately

In a disgraceful display of heavy-handed politics, New York Senate and Assembly Leadership, along with Democratic Governor Kathy Hochul, believe that punishing federally licensed retailers and law-abiding gun-owners will solve the state’s violent crime issue. New York admittedly already as some of the strongest gun laws in the country but that is not stopping them from mandating a failing, ineffective concept called microstamping. Passage of firearms microstamping legislation would result in banning firearms in New York. The legislative mandate of this patented, sole-sourced concept that independent studies have found to be flawed and easily defeated by criminals will leave New York’s citizens without firearms. The bill could even make retailers the sole source for trying to implement this bill.

Another bill will attack New York’s federally licensed firearm dealers, it will force compliance with ridiculous administrative burdens and securing their businesses with a "one-size-fits-all" mandate. The bill will require all licensed firearm dealers, including retailers with a storefront location as well as those working from a residence, gunsmiths, manufacturers and distributors, to make costly, burdensome and potentially impossible changes to their businesses. Other sections of the bill include reporting to the state police firearms sold, extensive training of employees, banning anyone under the age of 18 from a store and videotaping all transactions among many other criteria. Those businesses not complying will face fines, suspensions of licenses, and even revocation of licenses.

The New York Legislature is currently drafting various other bills and are seeking to pass them with very little analysis as to the impacts on the firearm industry. Within the next couple of days they will vote on these bills trying to stifle discussion and reasonable discourse. This is eerily similar to the passage of the SAFE Act in 2013 which has done nothing to increase public safety.

Please make every effort to contact your assembly member and senator immediately. Politely express your opposition to the attacks on New York’s dealers and gun-owners.

Make no doubts about it, NSSF®, as your trade association, will continue to work on these issues as they move forward in the next 72 hours.

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