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Rhode Island Urgent Alert: Legislators Discussing “Assault” Weapon and Magazine Bans
Act NOW: We Need You to Make Every Effort to Contact Legislators

Rumors are abound throughout the Rhode Island statehouse about moving forward on numerous antigun bills as a response to recent tragedies. Unfortunately, none as the proposals would do anything to increase public safety. New York already has an “assault” weapon ban, magazine capacity, and strong red flag laws and none of it did anything to deter a madman in Buffalo.

So the response from antigun Rhode Island legislators is to strip you of your Constitutional rights and make the state’s citizens immediate criminals for the mere possession of certain firearms and standard capacity magazines. Right now there are negotiations under way led by House leadership namely, Speaker Shekarchi on what pieces of legislation they want to move forward on.

As everyone knows Rhode Island already has some of the strictest gun laws in the country, but that is not stopping members from trying to ban the manufacture, sale and possession of all modern sporting rifles (MSRs) in the state along with bans on standard capacity magazines, and even age limits.

We urge you to take 30 seconds out of your day and call to express your opposition to any anti-gun bills. Tell them do not negotiate your rights away.

Speaker Joe Shekarchi’s Office: 401-222-2466

Senate President Dominic Ruggerio’s Office: 401-222-2447

NSSF® urges all hunters, target shooters and gun owners to contact their state representatives and senators to make their feelings known.

Complete List of Representatives


Complete List of Senators

If these bills pass, law-abiding gun owners will no longer be able to purchase and own the most popular rifle and magazines in America. The entire list of legislative proposals will unfortunately do nothing to address violent crime and public safety.

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