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Oregon Voters Pass Measure 114
Major Gun Restrictions to be Implemented

Oregon voters approved, by a slight margin, the misguided Measure 114 under the false guise that it would help the criminal problems plaguing Portland in recent years. If these results hold, which we expect, Oregon will have passed some of the most over reaching restrictions in the country. NSSF’s Government Relations team helped organize the main opposition through the creation of “Sportsmen Opposed to Gun Violence; Vote No on 114” opposition committee and raised over $100,000 to fight this overreach.

Considering that the proponents claimed this measure would likely pass with 65 percent approval, our efforts did make an impact but came up short. Proponents of 114 coordinated with the Democratic Party, the Kotek gubernatorial campaign, public employee unions and liberal environmental activists. The $2 million in funding (most of which came from out of state) was the ultimate difference. In total, proponents of the measure outspent opponents by at least 20 to 1.

Oregon Sportsmen Against Gun Violence saw extremely strong support from the sportsmen, conservation, law enforcement and Second Amendment communities. In the end the proponents had too many resources on their side.

NSSF® will strongly evaluate legal options, however, the Oregon Supreme Court is one of the most liberal judicial bodies in the nation.

In terms of implementation, almost everything is “on or after the effective date.” Under the Oregon Constitution, the Effective Date is 30 days after the day on which it is enacted or approved by a majority of the votes cast thereon—this year, that date is Dec. 8, 2022. The governor has until Dec. 15 to certify.

Section 11(2), the “unlawful manufacture, importation, possession, use, purchase, sale or otherwise transferring of large-capacity magazines.” Section 11(3) gives a 180-day grace period, or June 6, 2023, on those prohibitions. According to Section 11(3)…

Section 11(2) does not apply to firearm retailers for the first 180 days after the effective date if:
  • Transfer is out of state
  • Purchases or acquires for permanent removal from the state within 180 days
  • Permanently alters a firearm so it is not capable of accepting more than 10 rounds

Section 11(2) does not apply to firearm manufacturers for the first 180 days after the effective date if the manufacturer has a contract prior to the effective date with an entity outside the state, as long as:
  • All manufacturing is completed no later than 180 days after the effective date
  • The entity outside of Oregon receiving the large-capacity magazines is made aware in writing of the restrictions pertaining to large-capacity magazines in this state

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