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URGENT ALERT: Contact Your State Legislators Now To Ask That They Pass Emergency Power Bill

Ohio Senate Bill 185, an NSSF® priority bill that would protect our industry in future emergencies, has hit a snag in the legislature.

This bill passed out of the state Senate last year and out of the House of Representatives earlier this month. The House amended the bill to make it clear that local government entities like Columbus cannot use “public nuisance” claims as way to regulate guns. They also added an unrelated amendment to the bill that would add a five-year prison sentence for someone that kills a firefighter (something that already exists for police officers).

NSSF takes no position on the firefighter amendment, but the Senate objected to it and voted not to concur.
This leaves two options. The House could add the language of SB 185 to another bill and send it back to the Senate for concurrence. Alternatively, the House and Senate could create a conference committee to come to an agreement on the bill language. It would then go back to the House and Senate for approval.

Contact Your Legislators Today

Either way, we are extremely short on time, so we need you to contact your legislators today to ask that they find a way to pass SB 185. Again, this bill would protect our industry from being closed down in future emergencies and stop cities like Columbus that are trying to pass their own overreaching gun laws. Send any questions to Chris Lee, NSSF’s Midwest Director of Government Relations – State Affairs at clee@nssf.org.

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