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Important NSSF Member Update on Oregon Ballot Measure 114 Proceedings

The Harney County Circuit Court judge today stayed the ammunition magazine capacity portion of Measure 114 until a full hearing on the complaint can be heard. The Court also confirmed that the “permit-to-purchase” (PTP) provisions of Measure 114 are indefinitely stayed until the State provides notice to the Court that the process is administratively ready and, at that time, the Court will hold a preliminary injunction hearing to determine if the program can constitutionally (under the Oregon Constitution) be implemented.

We expect the State to appeal these rulings to the Oregon Supreme Court.

On December 23, the Harney County judge will hold a hearing, at the State’s request, on the element of the PTP scheme prohibiting dealers from transferring guns without first obtaining a unique identifier.

As always, NSSF® will remain engaged on this issue for our members and provide timely updates as needed.

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