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Virginia Committee to Hear Pro and Anti Gun Bills Tomorrow, Monday, January 23
Contact Members of the Committee Immediately and Make Your Voice Heard

The Virginia Senate Committee on Judiciary is scheduled to hear a number of bills, both good and bad, relating to the firearm industry and law-abiding gun owners. This hearing is tomorrow, Monday, January 23, at 8am.

Good Bills:

S.B. 805 by Senator Chase, would remove the authority for a locality to enact ordinances that ban the possession of firearms and ammunition in certain places, leaving the authority to the Virginia General Assembly. Additionally, the bill would remove the ability of localities to bring lawsuits against members of the firearm industry for the criminal misuse of firearms.

S.B. 1488 by Senator Chase, would amend the previously passed “red flag” law, by adding in adequate due process.

Bad Bills:

S.B. 918 by Senator Morrisey, would ban the carry, sale, and transfer of “assault firearms” and “large capacity” magazines. The bill would ban a host of commonly-owned semi-automatic firearms, labeling them as “assault weapons,” and ban magazines capable of holding more than 10 rounds.

S.B. 1167 by Senator Petersen, seeks to blame the firearm industry and its members for the illegal misuse of its lawful products. Similar to other bills introduced around the country, S.B. 1167 would allow the Attorney General or an individual to file a lawsuit against a member of the firearm industry even though the product was lawfully produced and sold. Such legislation seeks to allows individuals and high dollar lawyers to sue the gun industry out of business.

S.B. 1283 by Senator Edwards, is age-based discrimination for 18 to 20 years seeking to purchase some of the most commonly-owned semi-automatic firearms for self-defense and other lawful purposes.

Please contact members of the Senate Judiciary Committee immediately and respectfully urge them to support the “Good Bills” listed above and to oppose the “Bad Bills.” You can copy and paste the emails below into the “To” line of a new email.


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