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Virginia Senate Committees Advance Anti-Gun Bills
Contact Your State Senator Today and Urge a “No” Vote

It should come as no surprise that Virginia Democrats advanced a host of anti-gun bills from several committees this week. Each of these bills will now head to the Senate Floor for a vote by the entire Virginia Senate.

Please contact your state senator immediately and urge him or her to vote “No” when the following bills come up for consideration:

S.B. 1139, by Senator Boysko, would among other things, require every federal firearms licensee to “…post in a conspicuous manner at the premises of such dealer a notice stating ’Any person who possesses a firearm in a residence where such person knows that a minor under 18 years of age or a person who is prohibited by law from possessing a firearm resides shall store such firearm and the ammunition for such firearm in a locked container, compartment, or cabinet that is inaccessible to such minor or prohibited person.’”

S.B. 1167, by Senator Petersen, seeks to blame the firearm industry and its members for the illegal misuse of its lawful products. Similar to other bills introduced around the country, S.B. 1167 would allow the Attorney General or an individual to file a lawsuit against a member of the firearm industry even though the product was lawfully produced and sold. Such legislation seeks to allow individuals and high dollar lawyers to sue the gun industry out of business.

S.B. 1382, by Senator Deeds, would among other things, prohibit the import, sale, manufacture, purchase, possession, transport or transfer of commonly-owned semi-automatic firearms, defined as “assault firearms” in the bill. Additionally, S.B. 1382 would ban the import, sale, barter or transfer of “large capacity” magazines capable of holding more than 10 rounds. Limited exceptions for the manufacturing of such products would only extend to sales to the Armed Forces and law enforcement.

Not sure who represents you in the Virginia Senate? Use this link and input the requested information to find out. Urge your state senator to oppose S.B. 1139, S.B. 1167 and S.B. 1382.

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