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The firearm industry is regularly discriminated against by big banks, insurance providers and tech companies trying to enact their own versions of gun control.

This session, Governor Kim Reynold’s introduced two anti-ESG bills, SSB 1094 and HSB 180, to push back on these discriminatory ESG policies that target the firearm, fossil fuels and agriculture industries. These bills would require that the state not invest pension funds in or contract with companies that boycott these important Iowa industries.

Last week we learned that there are efforts being made by big banks to have the contracting portion of the bills amended so that it only applies to firms that manage state investments. If successful in amending the bills in this way, almost none of the big corporations that boycott our industry would be impacted. Taxpayer dollars in Iowa shouldn’t be going to any company that boycotts the Second Amendment

These bills are expected to be heard this week, so it is important that you make your voice heard TODAY.

Contact Governor Reynold’s office to thank her for introducing these important bills and ask that the contracting provision of the bill be left as-is, so that it can apply to all companies, not just investment managers.

After you contact Governor Reynold’s office, we ask that you send the same message to your state representative and state senator. You can find their contact information by clicking here.

If you have any questions, contact Chris Lee – NSSF Director, Government Relations - State Affairs – at

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