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ACT NOW: Urge Your State Rep. To Support Amendment To Iowa Anti-ESG Bill Tomorrow

If you are part of the firearm industry, you know that the entire industry is regularly discriminated against by big banks, credit processors, freight companies, and others.

Governor Kim Reynolds and Iowa House leaders have introduced bills this session to push back on this ESG-based discrimination. The key bills are House File 653 and Senate File 507.

As written, these bills would require that the state not invest pension funds with investment managers that prioritize ESG-based boycotts of fossil fuels, ag, and the firearm industry over profit. This is a start, but the issue is that it wouldn’t directly impact any of the big corporations that boycott the firearm industry.

For this legislation to actually impact these anti-2A ESG policies, the bill needs to be amended to require that Iowa not grant contracts to ANY company that boycotts the firearm industry. Texas law already requires this and bills are on the move in AZ, FL, UT, MT, ID, and KS to do the same. Existing Iowa law requires that the state not grant contracts to any company that boycotts Israel, so this isn’t a new concept.

This is an entirely free-market approach. Big corporations can continue to boycott the Iowa firearm industry, but they won’t be eligible for taxpayer dollars. They can choose.

These bills are expected to be brought to the House floor TOMORROW, so we encourage you to contact your state rep today. The message is simple – Iowa taxpayer dollars shouldn’t go to any company that boycotts the firearm industry. Please support the amendment to the ESG bill that would require that Iowa not contract with any company that threatens our 2A rights with boycotts.

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