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Critical Colorado Firearm Industry Request

This coming Wednesday, April 19, the Colorado House Judiciary Committee will meet to consider a bill, Colorado House Bill 1230 – to “Prohibit Assault Weapons in Colorado,” that has the potential to criminalize most gun owners in Colorado.

The bill immediately criminalizes the most common semiautomatic long guns in America, Modern Sporting Rifles (MSRs). According to the FBI and every study available on the matter, long guns of any type are rarely used in crime. The bill also criminalizes the possession of certain semiautomatic pistols and any semiautomatic pistols where certain “features” can be added.

The bill’s prohibitions are contrary to the Constitution and guidance provided by the Supreme Court of the United States. A pending case in Colorado has already placed an injunction on a similar prohibition by a local municipality.

Be Heard

Legislators on the House Judiciary Committee need to hear from you on the phone, email and in person. Every Colorado firearm business and citizen who supports the Second Amendment should respectfully weigh in. Here’s how:

Respectfully and civilly call and email the individual members of the committee, or call (303-866-5390) and email committee staff and ask them to relay your thoughts to the committee members. These are the decision makers who will vote to either move or kill this bill - be firm but also respectful. Tell them this bill is wrong for Colorado.

Sign Up and Show Up

The hearing is at the State Capitol on Wednesday, April 19 at 1:30 p.m. You don’t have to sign up to attend – it is open to the public. If you can sign up to testify – PLEASE DO IT. Expect this hearing to take all day, and potentially all night. Sign up here.

Join us Wednesday to Defend the Rights of Coloradans!

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