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ACT Now: Illinois Legislature May Allow Frivolous Lawsuits Against Industry

NSSF Needs Your Help to Oppose HB 218
NSSF® has been working on your behalf this session to kill a multitude of anti-industry bills in the legislature. Currently, HB 218 is the current legislation antigun legislators are attempting to pass without following the normal legislative process to limit public input.

HB 218, which if passed, would allow frivolous lawsuits to be brought against manufacturers, retailers and virtually anyone else in the supply chain. This bill is pending in the Illinois Senate. Please contact your senator and ask them to oppose HB 218.

You can find your legislator here.

The Illinois legislature is well-known for bringing controversial legislation to a vote in clandestine ways to avoid the massive uproar and well-deserved scrutiny a bill of this nature would attract.

NSSF needs your help! Please contact your state senator and tell them to vote ‘No’ on HB 218! You can find your state senator by clicking here.

NSSF needs you to voice opposition to HB 218!

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