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Governor Lombardo Stands Up for the Second Amendment Rights of All Nevadans, Vetoes Three Flawed Gun Control Bills

NSSF Thanks Gov. for Strong Stance to Protect Rights, Not Infringe Them
Earlier today, Nevada Governor Joe Lombardo took the strong stand on behalf of millions of law-abiding Nevadans by vetoing three anti-firearm industry bills that would only infringe on Second Amendment rights while doing nothing to hold criminals accountable for their violent actions. NSSF® thanks Gov. Lombardo for his principled stand against these flawed gun control policies and is grateful for his support of the entire firearm industry and law-abiding gun owners all across Nevada.

The three bills, Assembly Bill 354, Assembly Bill 355 and Senate Bill 177, all passed through the Democratic-controlled legislature on party-line votes. The legislature cannot override the governor’s vetoes without support from Republican legislators.

AB 354 would create “gun free” zones by prohibiting firearms at polling locations, vote centers, election sites, ballot drop-off locations and ballot tabulation areas. The bill also altered the definitions regarding so-called “ghost guns,” or home-built firearms that have been legal since before the country was founded.

AB 355 would institute age-based gun bans by prohibiting individuals under 21 years of age from owning and possessing certain firearms, including Modern Sporting Rifles (MSRs), or so-called “assault weapons.”

SB 177 would create a new class of prohibited persons by blocking anyone convicted of a certain crimes from owning, purchasing or possessing a firearm for 10 years.

As a reminder, your NSSF government relations team has been vigorously working on your behalf against numerous anti-firearm bills in Nevada and will continue to do so. There is still considerable time for anti-industry and gun control activists to push more gun control in the legislature. NSSF will continue monitoring and keeping you informed.

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