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Urgent Massachusetts Alert: Speaker Delays HD 4420 For Now
The Fight is Not Over

As many of you already know, last evening Speaker Mariano sent a letter to all Massachusetts State House of Representatives members discussing what he perceived to be “legal issues” with HD 4420. This comes just a week after he tried to pressure legislators into supporting the bill and researching ways to skip the committee hearing process in order to put it on the floor for a vote this week. The tremendous outpouring of opposition from gun owners, ranges, clubs, retailers, manufacturers and law enforcement stalled the progress of this bill. It has been sometime since our community has been so unified fighting against the constant attacks on us from Beacon Hill.

While we can claim a victory now, the Speaker said that they will be working on a new bill in the fall and winter. This means we will be at it again, seeing as they feel lawful citizens and retailers exercising their Second Amendment rights are the problem.

NSSF® cannot thank those enough for all their efforts to stop this bill, but unfortunately it is not over. We need to keep continued pressure on legislators and have an honest discussion of the impacts this bill would have on our industry and heritage. Take the time this August to meet face-to-face with your representatives and senators. We cannot be complacent now and there is a very good chance that we will be fighting a somewhat “watered” down bill this fall which will still attack us without having any impact on public safety or stopping criminals from committing violent acts.

NSSF and GOAL will be working on developing our next course of action. Again, this battle will continue in the coming months and there is no reason to not take action and continue civil discussions with your representatives now. Thank you again to everyone for their efforts. NSSF will continue to monitor and keep you updated.


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