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New York’s New Background Check System Goes Live September 13th
Be Sure to Register So You Can Conduct Business

As NSSF® has been communicating over the past month, this Wednesday, September 13th, New York state is becoming a point of contact state and completely changing the process firearm retailers have become accustomed to. NSSF is trying to keep an open line of communication with New York state in hopes of alleviating any concerns or issues with the process. We fully expect this transition to have a negative impact on your business, but we want to continue to stress the importance of you and your employees being registered with New York prior to the “go live” date this week. The entire change is a result of legislation hastily passed last year that will only impact law-abiding gun owners and federally licensed retailers, not criminals who choose to break the law.

While we were led to believe that there would be a more extensive document guiding you through the process, we have not been provided anything to that magnitude. On Friday, September 8, we received a general point of contact informational flyer which does little more than tell us what we already know.

Here is our original alert just in case some retailers have not registered and need directions on how to do so. We would like to ask all retailers to take the time to follow the process and register your store and employees so that you will not experience any self-imposed delays on September 13th.

NSSF continues to encourage New York state to make sure they have contingency plans in place for the inevitable delays and impacts to your business that will most likely occur with the new changes. While the state police is your ultimate authority, please let NSSF know of any issues that go unanswered so that we may try to assist you. Please contact us with these issues.


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