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New Mexico Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham Orders State Inspections of All Federal Firearms Licensees
Please Immediately Inform NSSF if State Inspectors Contact You

On September 7, New Mexico Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham issued Executive Order 2023-130, declaring that gun violence “constitutes a statewide public health emergency of unknown duration.” The Executive Order goes on to designate this violence as “a man-made disaster causing or threatening widespread physical or economic harm that is beyond local control and requiring the resources of the State pursuant to the All Hazard Emergency Management Act.”

Predictably, this Orwellian language has set the table for extralegal, unconstitutional measures taken by state officials. On September 8, New Mexico Department of Health Secretary Patrick Allen issued a Public Health Order “imposing temporary firearm restrictions.” The provision of the Order most directly affecting members of the firearm industry requires the New Mexico Regulation and Licensing Department to “conduct monthly inspections of licensed firearms dealers in the State to ensure compliance with all sales and storage laws.”

It is in NSSF’s opinion that there is no legal authority under New Mexico law for the Regulation and Licensing Department, or any other state agency, to inspect New Mexico dealers as to their lawful sales or business practices, or inventory storage or store security measures. NSSF® is issuing a warning to the Governor. Should the state attempt to inspect any federal firearms licensee (FFL) pursuant to her unlawful order, NSSF will immediately file a legal challenge to stop the unlawful inspection.

If you are approached by state inspectors, please contact NSSF by calling Darren LaSorte at 469-445-0808 or emailing him at dlasorte@nssf.org.


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