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Contact Your Elected Officials on N.Y. Background Check System
Retailers and Customers Make Your Voice Heard

As we come close to a full week with the disastrous New York state background check system, the glaring problems continue. NSSF® is asking everyone to please contact your elected officials in both the Assembly and Senate to express your major concerns with the system.

It has come to light that large amounts of personal data that are entered into the system to simply purchase ammunition is unsecured and not encrypted. This leaves both customers and retailers exposed with little recourse. New York state is requiring this personal information to create a statewide ammunition database.

Unfortunately, that is not where the issues end with the system as retailers are being locked out of the system, customers are experiencing excessive delays, and numerous individuals are being denied ammunition for no reason even when they were allowed to purchase a firearm.

NSSF continues to ask New York state to address these issues or, at the very least, implement a delay until they can make the system usable and safe for our industry.

NSSF will continue to monitor and keep our members informed.


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