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INTUIT Quickbooks Discrimination Against The Firearm Industry
NSSF® Needs To Hear From Industry Members In Texas

U.S. Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) has taken a principled stand to end corporate discrimination against the firearm industry. He understands that the big banks, insurance companies, payment processors and software providers have coordinated to starve our industry members of essential services. They seek to impose the sorts of radical gun control policies that are rightfully rejected through our representative law-making process.

In a recent letter from Senator Cruz, he announced that an oversight investigation conducted by his staff led Intuit QuickBooks, one of the nation’s leading accounting software providers, to reverse its policy of denying all firearm manufacturers and retailers its services. News stories have detailed the supposed policy reversal.

However, despite Intuit’s statement saying they no longer discriminate against firearm industry businesses, there have been reports from industry members that QuickBooks services are still being summarily denied. If you attempt to acquire these services and are denied, we need to hear from you so we can inform Senator Cruz’s office. Please email Darren LaSorte at dlasorte@nssf.org or call him at 469-445-0808.


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