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Washington House of Representatives Passes HB 2118
Bill now moves to the State Senate

The Washington State House of Representatives passed HB 2118. As a reminder, if signed into law HB 2118 would mandate ridiculous one-size-fits-all security measures that are duplicative of federal law and cost prohibitive. It’s not sensationalistic to assert compliance with these new mandates would result in virtually every FFL in the state of Washington closing down as the mandates carry requirements too costly for businesses to comply with.

The bill was amended, but those changes still don’t fully address our concerns.


  1. Dealers doing less than $1000 per month are exempt ($1000 average over the course of 12 months).
  2. Implementation date moved 6 months from Jan. 1, 2025 to August 1, 2025.
  3. Audio recording requirement remains unchanged.
  4. Video recording – (down from 6 years)
    • 45 days with allowance for motion detection recording only.
    • 2 years of storage for check out areas, display areas. (still sizable requirements for data)
  5. Firearm storage – the building is the “secure storage” if it meets the defined placement of security bars, doors, screens, alarms, cameras, etc. No fire safes for storage during non-business hours

While these changes are a good start, the bill is still egregious and immensely cost prohibitive.

The bill now moves to the Washington State Senate. Please contact your state senator and have your employees and customers do so as well. Tell them to vote “No” on HB 2118.


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