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ACT NOW: Bill To Protect Firearm Industry From Abuse In Indiana Courts Eligible For Vote In State Senate This Week

In the late 1990s, 40 cities across the U.S. sued the firearm industry for the unlawful misuse of our products by criminals. Instead of going after the criminals that were responsible for the crime, anti-2A mayors pointed their fingers at the firearm industry.

Over 35 states and Congress responded with laws to protect the firearm industry from these politically driven lawsuits. By 2006, 39 of the 40 municipal lawsuits against the industry had been dropped or dismissed.

The Gary, Indiana, lawsuit against the firearm industry was the only one left and it is still alive today. As recent as last month, news broke that as part of discovery in this lawsuit, the court had ordered transaction records of hundreds of thousands of lawful Hoosier gun owners to be handed over to the gun control lawyers representing Gary. Most of these records are from 2007-2023, which proves that this lawsuit is not about Gary crime from the 1990s and is purely a political attack on the firearm industry and Second Amendment.

House Bill 1235, authored by Rep. Chris Jeter and sponsored by Sen. Aaron Freeman, passed out of the Indiana House last month and out of the Senate Committee on Corrections and Criminal Law last week. HB 1235 would make Indiana law consistent with other states by prohibiting local governments from suing the firearm industry. That right would be reserved by the state. You can read more about this situation in this NSSF® blog post.

Indiana NSSF members are urged to voice support to their state senators for this important bill TODAY. Click here to find your state senator’s contact information.

If you have any questions, please contact Chris Lee, NSSF’s Midwest Director of State Affairs, at clee@nssf.org.


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