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Urgent Alert: Washington Senate May Impose Litany of Requirements

NSSF Needs Your Help in Opposing HB 2118

NSSF® has been working on your behalf this session to kill a multitude of anti-firearm industry bills at the legislature and inform you about all legislation impacting your business.

Throughout the session, we informed you about the progress of HB 2118, which, if passed, would mandate ridiculous one-size-fits-all security measures that are duplicative of federal law and cost prohibitive. It’s not sensationalistic to assert compliance with these new mandates would result in virtually every FFL in the state of Washington spending thousands of dollars.

Today is a critical day in the fight and we have intel that HB 2118 could be considered on the Senate floor today.

NSSF needs your help! Please contact your legislator and tell them to vote ‘No’ on HB 2118! You can find your legislator by clicking here.

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