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URGENT: Examples of Discrimination Against Firearm Industry Needed in Tennessee

If Your Business Has Been Denied Banking, Credit Processing Or Any Other Service, Please Send Us Examples

Have you been denied services that you deserve access to simply because your business is part of the firearm industry? If so, you aren’t alone, and we need to hear from you.

Over the last decade, large corporations have increasingly given in to “woke” shareholders and anti-Second Amendment politicians that demand they cut off business ties with the firearm industry. We have seen banks, credit processing companies, insurance providers and freight companies enact these discriminatory policies at an alarming rate.

NSSF® has worked to push back on these policies through legislation over the last four years and we are just getting started.

House Bill 2100 was introduced in the Tennessee legislature this session by Representative Jason Zachary. This bill “requires financial institutions and insurers to make determinations about the provision or denial of services based on an analysis of risk factors unique to each current or prospective customer; prohibits financial institutions and insurers from denying or canceling services to a person, or otherwise discriminating against a person, based upon the use of a social credit score or other factors.”

This bill includes the firearm industry as a protected “person.”

This bill was heard in the House Banking & Consumer Affairs Subcommittee yesterday, but some committee members were skeptical that “woke” discrimination is actually taking place in Tennessee. The hearing is expected to continue next week, so we need examples to share.

If your business has been denied banking, credit processing or any other service based on a corporate policy that blacklists the firearm industry, please send those examples to Chris Lee, NSSF’s Midwest Director of Government Relations – State Affairs at clee@nssf.org.


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